Top 12 best mixer grinder in india :2020 reviews and specification

When we are in the kitchen most of the things are totally depend on mixer grinders. Like for preparing chutney, batter for idli and many more things that we  prepare in your day to day life.  So in order to buy the best mixer grinder in india. You need to do a lot of research. And you should be familiar with its related terms. So that you can understand what’s best for your kitchen.

So we have done all the comprehensive research for you. And short listed the top 12 best mixer grinder  in india. That will help you in finding the best mixer grinder under your budget.

Top 12 Mixer grinder in india 

Mixer GrinderwattRPMwarantyprice
Philips HL 7707
900200005yearscheck price
Preethi zodiac
750190005 yearcheck price
Philips Viva
750185002 yearscheck price
Sujata supermix
7502200021yearscheck price
Butterfly Smart750185002 yearsCheck Price
Prestige Iris750185002 yearsCheck Price
Butterfly jet elite750185002 yearsCheck Price
Bosch True mix1000220002yearsCheck Price
Panasonic Mx Ac400550190005 yearsCheck Price
Bjaja twister750185005 yearsCheck Price
Havells Max750180002 yearsCheck Price
Bajaj Rex500180001 yearsCheck Price

When you are buying a mixer grinder, you may  confuse in understanding the difference between mixer grinder and juicer mixer grinder.
These are the types of mixer grinder which available in the market.

 Difference between the mixer grinder and the juicer mixer grinder

Mixer grinders consist of 3 jars of three different sizes that are  Large(  also known as a wet jar or multipurpose jar), Medium ( also known as dry jar ), Small (also known as chutney jar) and all the jars have their respective task to perform.

  •  large jar or (multipurpose jar) is for making the batter, purees and shakes
  •  medium jar (dry jar) is for grinding masala.
  • Small jar ( chutney jar ) is for chutney or masala in small quantities.

The juicer mixer grinder comes with 4 jars. In which 3 jars are exactly the same as mixer grinders. 4th one is Juicer which extract the juice from fruits and vegetables.

Key points when buying the mixer grinder:-

Now you have to remember some of the common but very important key points. In order to buying the mixer grinders. And those are Power of motor and the RPM (rotation per minute)  of motor and its safty lock.

Motors are available in different power, but most commonly people buy either 500Watt or 750Watt mixer grinders. Now you should go with the power of motors according to your need it means if you use the mixer for less amount of  item, you can go with the 500Watt mixer grinder but if you use a mixer for more amount of item, then you should go with 750Watt or more.

RPM(rotation per minute ) it means how fast the blade rotates per minute. The faster the RPM, the faster it works. Normaly RPM ranges between 18000 to 23000.

last and most important  is the safty lock. That ensures that the motor will not work if the the jar is not at its place in the mixer. Which will prevent the mixer from damage.

Top 12 best mixer grinder in india

1.Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder

Philips is one of the well known and biggest  electronic appliance company which has wide range of electronic appliances in every field since 126 years which proves that we can blindly trust on there product . It also have wide range of house hold electronic appliances like Fridge, Washing Machine with high success rate.

Philips HL 7707/00 mixer grinder is the perfect match for your kitchen. Which comes so many advance technology that makes your kitchen extra advnace.

It has powerful 750 watt  mottor with very high RPM that helps the mixer  for continious grinding.This mixer gives 5 years warranty on motors and 2 years warranty on other products. It has suction feet that ensures less vibration while processing jeavy food items.

one of the best quality of this product is that it can easily be clean in dishwasher which makes it the perfect match for the perfect and advance kitchen.

Generally when we try to chop or grate vegetables in the Mixer. Then the high speed of motor makes the paste of your vegetables instead of chopping of the grating. But this Mixer comes with the Power Chop technology  that lessens the speed of blade which helps in chopping and grating.

It comes with Gear Drive technology that reduce the speed of blade to for perform low speed food preparation which generally not found in any mixer that ensures user  to experience finest chopping and also aatta kneeding.

Hence, This mixer is best for your kitchen except the fact that it does not have any overload indicator.

Customer care Number –  1-800-419-6788 (customer care service available only in big cities)

email for complaining  – [email protected]


  • 750 watt motor
  • High RPM
  • Can be clean in dishwasher
  • Power Chop Technology for perfect chopping
  • Gear Drive Technology for slow food preparation
  • Suction feet to reduce vibration
  • Atta kneeding
  • 5 years motor warranty


  • on/off indicator is not available
  • No jar lock
  • there is no overload indication

2.Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder


preethi is an india based kitchen appliance company which was established in 1978.
Now it is one of the biggest competitors in the field of kitchen appliances in indian market with its great variety of products.

preethi zodiac is one of the best mixer grinders in india which comes on the second position in my list because of its surprising features.preethi zodiac has  750 watt powerful motor and also high RPM which easily grinds the hardest  food items.

It also have indiactor which turns from blue to red in the condition of overload. It has 3 levels of speed adjustment .Flex cord with 3 core of pvc insulation and flexicord with plugtop and earthing which provides safety from current.

This also comes with the Master Chef+  jar which can easily lessen your burden in the kitchen by doing the task like Atta kneeding in 1 minut ,chopping and grating in seconds and an extra work of meat mincing.

3 in 1 insta fresh fruite juicer jar which perfroms three different task alone.(1)extracting the juice from fruites and also from vegetables very quickly .(2) Super extractor which can extract tamarind essence as well as coconut milk. (3) ) Blender which can make shakes and lassi.

Hence, After checking all the parameters i conclude that you can trust on this product and can buy it except that it creates some extra noise due to its high power motor.

Customer care number- (+91) 9940000005 (service center available in 93 cities in india)


  • Overload Indicator
  • 5 jar including master chef jar
  • Atta kneeding
  • Meat Mincing
  • 750 watt motor
  • 5 year warranty on motor
  • Non-slip feet
  • No installation required


  • Can not be cleaned in dishwasher
  • Make some extra noise
  • No lock on the lid of jar

3.Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 750-Wat

Philips viva is comes on third position of  list because of its sfety mechanism that ensures that if the jar is not Fixed properly till then the mixer will not start working. This also mean if your kids use this mixer then there will be no chance of dammage beacuse of its safety mechanism.

This mixer has 750 watt powerful motor with the operating voltage of  230 volts which will help in performing heavy grinding.

4 leak proof stainless steal  jars with the locking mechanism: Chutney Jar 0.5 l, Middle jar 1l, Wet jar 1.75l, Pulp extractor jar 1.5l. Mixer jar handles provide better grip and comfort which will prevent slipping of jars from your hand if it gets wet while using.

Normaly mixer comes with 3 speed level knobs but this mixture is prvoviding  you 4 speed levels for your convenience.This will help in diffrent types of grinding because sometime you do not want to grind food  item too much but due to three speed levels mixer  grind the food item  tomuch more than your expectation level.

Now you no need to worry about the overload because this mixer grinder comes with the Autocut-off protection that will definitely lower down your tension of overloading.

This mixer comes with suction feet for less vibration while processing heavy food items.


  • Autocut-off which will  protect from overloading.
  • 4 speed level knob
  • Jar lock saftey mechanism
  • suction feet for less  vibration
  • ABS body and superior stainless steal jar
  • 750 watt motor
  • easy installation


  • on/off indicator not available
  • Can not be clean in dishwasher
  • Atta kneeding feature is not available
  • you can not use continiously for more than 5 minuts

4.Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder

Sujata is the indian mixer grinder comapany which is producing high power robust mixer grinders over 32 years and have many satisfied customer across india. It is one of those company wich provide mixer grinders in affordable price.

This on 4th position in my list because of its 900 watt powerful motor.

If you are searching for high power motor which is useful in heavy food processing in large quantity and can be used continiously for long time then this Mixer grinder is best for you. This mixer is also best for small restaurants where the mixer is continiously used for long time.

sujata superMix comes with very high power motor of 900 watt with double ball bearing  and also of  high RPM of approx (22000). You can use it for heavy applictaion and for large amount of food itmes  continously for 90 minutes.

Sujata supermix containing 2 seperate steal  jars. one for dry food items like masala, turmeric and other dry herbs  and second for chutney. And third  one is transparent and unbreakable blender jar for blending lassi and other more wet food items.1800 102 2758

Customer care Number-1800 102 2758 (10:00 am to 05.00 pm Monday to Saturday)


  • Totatly shock-proof
  • 90 minutes, continuous running- suitable for longer usage
  • unbreakable transparent blending jar
  • 900 watt powerful motor for heavy usage
  • Whipper button for momentary motion
  • 3 jars


  • jar safety lock is not available
  • chopping feature is not avaialble
  • can not be cleaned in Dishwaher
  • on/off indicator is not there
  • Autocut-off  is not available
  • 1 year warranty

5.Butterfly Smart 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with

Butterfly is an indian electonic home appliance company which was established in 1986. This company has wide range of  home and kitchen appliances like stainless steal cookers and water heaters and many more. This comapany exports product to other countries like america.

The automatic overload  cut off feature make this mixer to be in my list on 5th position. This feature helps alot in preventing the damage of couplers and also from overheating.When you try to grind the food item more than the limit of the jar then the pressure directly comes on motor that leads to overheat.

Butterfly smart is 750 watt powerful motor with high RPM ranging between (18500 t0 20000) will grind your food item perfectly as per your choice.

Now you don’t have to confuse between that the mixer is on/off because this mixer comes with LED light indicator which will clear your confusion completely.

3 satinless steal jars with the transparent and unbreakable lid made up of polycarbonate material makes this mixer looks so imprressive. 1 pc juicer jar for extracting juice from fruits and pusher which adds extra advantage as its helps to extract more amount of juice.


  • LED indicator which indicates mixer is on/off
  • Automatic overload cut-off facility
  • Special rubber shoes for firm grip
  • 750 watt powerful motor
  • Pusher for extracting more juice
  • 4 jars (3 for mixing grinding and 1 for juice extracting)
  • Budget friendly


  • Jar lock is not available
  • Can not be clean in dishwasher
  • No extra features like aata kneeding
  • 2 year warranty

6.Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt

Bosch is one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive components and now it is also manufacturing home and kitchen aplliances. So you need not take tension about the brand  you can blindly trust on it.

This mixer is giving you the taste traditional stone pounding taste and texture with its unique blunt poundingblades that replicates pounding effect on dry ingredients.

1000 watt powerful motor makes this mixer best for your home as well as small food corners. This mixer will help in you grinding and mixing in large quantities of hard food items like spices and idli/dosa batter.

Bosch truemixx mixer has an very uncommom feature that is Active flow Breaker feature which ensures that the batter will keep falling on the blade by which the batter gets a fine texture.

you dont need to keep your hands on the jar while processing your food because Bosch truemixx mixer has an jar lid lock feature which makes your hands free while processing the food.

In addition this mixer is giving you an overload protection feature, which will make you even more tension free.

this mixer contains 3 jars for grinding and mixing and 1 maxx juice extractor jar perfect for juiing and coconut milk extracting.


  • Overload protection
  • 1000 watt powerful motor
  • Active Flow Breaker for much better experience in making any batter.
  • jar lid-lock for hands free processing of food item.
  • blunt poundingblades for texture like traditional pounding
  • 2 year warranty


  • Can not be used continiously for more than 5 minutes (works 5 minute use 2 min break)
  • Jar safety lock is not avialable
  • can not be clean in dishwasher

7.Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder

Butterfly jet elite also a very efficient mixer with 750 watt powerful mixer with RPM rate of 18500 which needs the operating voltage of 220-240 volts.

This mixture comes with Auto switch off feature ensures that if overloading detectes the mixer will automatically stops working.

Generally when you use the mixer grinders contionously for long time it mixer’s starts heating  but, Now you dont have to worry if you are buying  Butterfly jet elite mixer grinder because it comes with special ventilator to reduce the heat of motor.

3 speed feature helps you in grinding  your food items perfetcly and efficiently  according to the texture you want.

This mixer grinder comes with 3 stainless steal jars of diffrent size which is rust free and 1 juicer jar for extracting juice.


  • Auto switch off feature
  • 4 jar including juicer jar
  • 750 watt powerful motor
  • special ventilator for reducing heat of the motor


  • Jar lock is not avaialble
  • Safety lock is not availlable
  • LED light indicator is not available
  • Can not be clean in dishwasher

8.Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder

Prestige is an UK based company which works in technical collabaration with the indian brand TTK prestige which was famaous for pressure cookers. Now it is one of the biggest kitchen appliance company in india with many satisfied customers.

Prestige iris is having 750 watt powerful motor  with an high RPM of  19000 (approx) which runs on 230 volt.

Prestige iris comes with 3 stainless steal jar (1 chutney jar, 1 dry jar, 1 wet jar for blending) and 1 juicer for extracting juice .

One of the best feature of this mixer grinder is that it has a jar safety lock that ensures that mixer will not start untill the jar is not fixed properly in the mixer that gurads mixer from damage. And also comes with overload protector that prevents mixer from overloading food items.


  • Jar safety lock
  • 750 watt powerful motor
  • 4 jars including juicer
  • overload protector


  • LED indicator is not available to indiacate on/off status
  • Can not be used contioniously more than 5 minute (2 minutes break neede for using more than 5 minutes)

9.Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic is very succesful japnese brand which was established in 1950.It came in india in 2008 and become the popular choice amongst indians. It has wide variety of electronic items in diffrent categories like home appliances and personal care electronic products and all were got a much better  responses.

It is an 550 watt motor mixer  grinder which is enough for general use.This mixer gives you 5 year motor warranty .

This mixer provides you both safety mechanism lid-lock and safety lock. Both the feature have there advantage like lid -lock allows you to perform hands free food processing where as safety lock ensures that the mixer will not work untill the jar is not fixed properly.

This mixer comes with 4 jars in which 3 for mixing ,grinding and 1 juicer jar for extracting juice from the fruits or vegetables.

This mixer also provide flow breaker for increasing grinding performance because this flow breaker ensures that the batter will fall on the blades that makes the batter smooth.









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