How Electricity is Created

Electricity is man’s greatest discovery. This incredible source of energy has enabled man to create new Civilizations, since it was discovered. As our World continues to increase in population it will continue to require an increasing volume of fossil fuels, Uranium and Water to name a few, to create the large amount of Electricity we will require to survive.

Man must continue to search and use different ways to create the massive amount of electricity the Human race consumes every day. Enormous turbines produce electricity every hour of the day. These Turbines which produces our electricity, would not be able to do so without the fossil fuels and other resources as mentioned above. In order to move the Turbines a huge amount of energy is required.

The Turbines create Electricity when the blades of a turbine are rotated/moved by huge volumes of vapor. The Vapor is created by burning fossil fuels in huge Furnaces to vaporize a huge volume of Water. The water is heated by burning fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

In burning all this fossil fuel etc. we continue to pollute our environment, the amount of Carbon Dioxide that continues to be released into the air increases each and every day, only increases the pollution in our atmosphere. We continue to destroy the forests which helps provide us with Oxygen. The Turbines can also be rotated using Water. Perhaps the most popular electricity producing method you will know of as it is no doubt the most common given that Water is the most commonly available resource where electricity is readily available for a monthly fee.

Water dams serve two purposes: minimizes natural water flow and produces electricity. Dams use the river water to rotate the turbines which, as already mentioned, creates electricity. Electricity created through Water Dams does not in any way endanger the atmosphere. Water accounts for approximately 90% of the world’s electricity supply.

The Power of the Wind. Electricity can be created when wind energy is converted to electrical energy. Wind mills or wind turbines which are becoming more and more popular now a days as direct source of electricity. The enormous amount of Wind energy created by Wind Mills and more so Wind Turbines is more cost effective to convert to electrical energy.

Electricity by nuclear fission. Nuclear fission creates electricity by creating a reaction where Uranium is blasted with neutrons causing it to split. As each Uranium Nucleus splits, more Neutrons are released causing the Uranium Nucleus to split yet again. Every time a Uranium nucleus is split, more neutrons continue to be release which in turn splits as more more splits continue to occur. The result is chain reaction that simply creates a lot of heat which is used to heat water the vapour of which eventually moves turbines to create electricity.

As our Technology continues to advance, so does our ability to create new sources of energy. We can now create electricity out of our Waste. That’s right right. Bio-Waste. Electricity is produced from Bio-Gas created in places like Huge City Garbage Dumps where the gases created under all the pile of rubbish is piped and produces enough Electricity to supply power to small towns.

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