Does Your Phone Give You Enough Privacy?

When you want to buy a new phone, you look for certain factors in it, in order to serve you better. You look for advanced operating system, better camera, more storage, faster speed, clarity of sound and lots of new features. Along with these you look for security, privacy and safety. Why are they so important? Because, you would not want anybody else to have access to your private content stored on the phone.

Privacy is the need of the day, with everyone trying to take advantage of the other. What happens if you lose your phone? Does it keep your data secure? Are you able to maintain your privacy?

Phone Security/ Screen Lock

Though you have security features and locks, which open only with your face or your fingerprints, it is difficult to say that the phone is really secure. The criminal minds can find ways around it. If someone can steal your phone, they could be stealing your identity. It is important to have security at every stage of access to information that is important to you. A screen lock is probably not enough.

Possible Change of Network

A locked phone comes with a SIM, which is connected to a provider. The SIM in these phones cannot be changed. An unlocked phone, on the other hand allows you to change the SIM. If your phone is stolen, you can deactivate the SIM, you can track the device and even put a remote lock on it. It is also possible to remotely delete all the data from your phone to maintain privacy. The disadvantages of unlocked phones in this situation are that you share your information with the manufacturer of the phone as well as with the network providers that you use. There is no way to guarantee that this information will remain private.

Usage of Apps

Every App that you download on your phones requests permission to access the different sets of stored information on the phone, such as contacts, messages, pictures etc. This makes the information accessible to others and can possibly misused. This makes us realise the disadvantages of unlocked phones as all these apps are available only for unlocked phones and you risk your privacy everyday.

Erasing The data

Though you can erase the data from the phone before you sell it or simply transfer it to someone, there are ways of recovering the deleted data provided that the thief has access to your private information. Otherwise, your data is safe in the cloud. It is advisable to take a backup, so you don’t fear losing the data. To prevent letting others, access to your private information, it is best not to go for an exchange offer on phones as your handset will always have an imprint of your data on it.

In spite of the few disadvantages, the phones of the current times are well equipped with security features and the right to protect privacy are in your own hands. You can choose what information to share with the various Apps. You can save all your data in the cloud and can have access to it through other devices as well. So, overall, you can say that the phone gives you enough privacy.

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